Stephen is an internationally focused Investor and Asset Strategist working with Corporations, Investment Funds and High Net Worth Individuals to optimise assets to produce higher returns.

He has over 15 years of experience developing and delivering strategies that improve asset optimisation and business profits. He is regarded for his ability to build relationships within businesses, initiate new business practices and strategies, while achieving the best outcome for the organisation.

A strong understanding of Finance, Accounting and International Business has enabled quick implementation of new business practices and strategies both at an international and local level.

Stephen is an experienced Oceaneer exploring opportunities to research and protect the Oceans, though his social enterprise Wonders Below. Recently Stephen has teamed up with the founders of Australian Oceanographics to build Research Aquariums and Research platforms around the world.

Stephen Areas of Knowledge

Investment Strategy & Advisory

Invest Beyond Borders! International Investment funds and Family offices

Asset Optimisation Strategies

Increase Profits & Reduce Risk, use the strategies and techniques of the super rich!


Go beyond borders! in todays globalised world opportunities are nolonger found within borders.

Residency & Citizenship

The world is full of borders, we can reduce their effect by being residents and citizens of the world.