I Help, 7, 8 & 9 Figure Business owners, Investors and Self funded Retiree’s, Protect their wealth and grow beyond borders.

Stephen’s Area’s of expertise cover:

  • Citizenship & Residency
  • International structures
  • Asset Protection and Optimisation

As a life long practitioner of the art of Sovereignty and a believer that everyone has the right to live life on their own terms, Stephen can help you become Sovereign and live life on your terms.

Take your Life and your business Sovereign!

Have you ever wanted to live life on your terms, protect your assets and create a multi generational legacy?


Then your the person that Stephen wants to help and would suit an advisory session.

Each advisory session is personally delivered by Stephen and will provide a unique look at the topic of discussion and identify an actionable item for you to implement.

By using Stephen’s unique approach, you will be able to optimise, protect, grow and realise your own, your families and your business’s full potential.

Each advisory session will change your life and open your eyes to how the world works, and how you can benefit from internationalising and using the secrets of the wealthy.

FYI, there are no secrets of the wealthy just actions the 99% don’t do.

Key Session Benefits

Actionable Goals

Set actionable goals for you to improve your Life, Business and Legacy.

Identify Barriers

A Hard look at what is stopping you and your business form becoming Awesome

Immediate Action

Determine areas of improvement and create actions to quickly realize outcomes

Your Sovereign life

Establish your Sovereign life to become a super you and live life on your terms

“Business and life are a team sport, All super successful people and teams have coaches and advisors"