Top Countries for Retirees

Retiring overseas is a trend that’s likely to stay. According to statistics from the US Social Security Administration (SSA) last December 201, more than half a million retirees are living outside the US and collecting social security benefits. Meanwhile, more than a third of Americans are planning to move outside […]

Labor Decides to Oppose Australian Citizenship Changes

Migrants, who are already in Australia and are seeking to secure Australian citizenship, have been dragged into an ugly political battle as major parties argue over new laws. Labor has accused the administration of snobbery, particularly in the English test requirements required for migrants to attend university. It has vowed […]

Qatar Loses Support from Other Arab Countries

There’s a diplomatic chaos in the Middle East. Last week, Qatar has been reportedly isolated by most of its neighboring countries because of a growing dispute over Qatar’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood and accusations that Qatar backs the agenda of Iran. Saudi Arabia led the coalition of Arab nations […]

Canada Ramps Up VISA Program for Startup Entrepreneurs

With President Trump’s anti-globalization stance, Canada is doing the exact opposite by ramping up its visa program for startup entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneur Start-Up Visa Program is a first of its kind in the world as it links successful applicants with private sector organizations in Canada who can provide funding and […]

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