I Buy Mature, Profitable, Needs based Businesses, from Owners seeking an exit solution.

Business Criteria

Have a Business I maybe interested in!


I’m looking for mature, profitable businesses that I can purchase from the current owner who is looking to Exit.


How I got to where I am and where I want to go might interest you.

I’m an Advisor, Investor and Oceaneer.

Business is a passion and has been since I was young when I would prefer to go to work with my father rather then go to school. Seeking a trade, I joined the navy as an apprentice in electronics.

I entered the world of business after my time in the Navy by working in my Family’s business, I covered every position from the shop floor to the board room.

I own several businesses that help SMEs in the fields of Marketing, Business Process Outsourcing and Asset protection and optimisation.

I’m the Founder and Executive Director of several investment companies in the Transportation, Energy, Property and Manufacturing Industries.

I’m looking to Buy Profitable and Mature businesses where the founder / Owner is looking to exit (either Retire or succession), I will then continue the success of this business and grow the business to become a leader in its industry.

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Business is fun as a Team

Why Do I Want to Buy Your Business?


I don’t see being in business as a job, it’s what I do and what I have always wanted to do. I love talking to business owners and other Founders about their businesses and what they are seeing in their industries and markets.

Any opportunity I get to talk about business (and Politics) I take, its a great day when I can talk business with other business owners. I love to learn about other businesses, Industries and hear how they work, what challenges they are facing and learn what drives their success.

I’m always looking for the next business opportunity.

I have a great team which gives me time, I have energy and enthusiasm along with 20 years of experience to contribute to my businesses. Along with you and your current team, I’m excited to learn your businesses backstory, and together, how we can leverage this foundation to create a new and exciting future.

I’m a build by acquisition business builder, I see this as the most efficient way to make a good business great.​

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Ingredior is an executive services business that provides CFO and other executives services to Growing companies.

Ingredior handles all my corporate Accounting and Financial matters.

QLD Law Group

QLD Law Group is a full service law firm that covers Business Law, Contracts and Other Corporate services.

QLD Law Group handles all my corporate General Legal Matters.

Private Equity Gateway

Private Equity Gateway Group is a Corporate Advisory and M&A firm the specialises in Capital Raising and Pre IPO Services.

PEGG works with me and my team on all capital and M&A matters.


I’m a fair deal maker and I want to buy businesses as soon as possible

It could be yours or one owned by someone you know.

Please call me, direct on +61 (0) 418 708 279, or confidentially through the contact form below.