I want to BUY

I’m looking to Buy your business if it is self managed and you are seeking to retire or a succession option.

Business Criteria

Have a business I would be interested In!

About Stephen Petith

I’m looking for a mature, profitable business that I can where the current owner is looking to Exit.
How I got to where I am and where I want to go might interest you.

I’m an Investor, Advisor and Oceaneer.

I own several businesses that help SMEs in the fields of Marketing, Corporate Advisory, Outsourcing and in Wealth protection and Asset optimisation.

I’m the founder of several to be listed companies in Aviation, Energy and Manufacturing

I entered the world of business after my time in the Navy by working in my Family’s business, I covered every position from the shop floor to the board room.

I’m looking to Buy Profitable and Mature businesses where the founder / Owner is looking to exit, I will then continue the success of the business and grow it to become a listed entity.

My Deal Team

My deal team has a proven history of facilitating win-win deals.
They will guide us so we can proceed efficiently, confidentially and with minimal interruption.


Accounting and CFO

Set actionable goals for your Life, Business and Legacy

Private Equity Gateway

Corporate Advisory

Support from Family Offices

QLD Law Group

General Legal Counsel

IPO Professionals, Legal and accounting

Canterbury Hill Advisors

General Legal Counsel

Pool of Experienced and connected Board members

Drop Me A Line

I am a fair deal maker and I want to buy a business as soon as possible.

It could be yours or one owned by someone you know.

Please call me, direct [get a number that i can forward], or confidentially through the contact form.