What Separates the Rich from the Poor?

What Separates the Rich from the Poor? | SJ Petith

Whether you’re rich or poor, we all have the same number of minutes in a day. With respect to 1,440 minutes in a day, we stand on equal footing. About 1,200 of those precious minutes, most people spend it on the routine activities like bathing, grooming and dressing, eating, commuting and work, and family and household chores.

On the average, there is a difference of 240 minutes each day that’s not devoted to these accustomed happenings. These are the minutes that separates the rich from the rest of society.

For the wealthy, every minute counts. Those 240 minutes matter. So what do the self-made rich folks do with this remaining time out of their day? According to study, these are the activities that cover those minutes.

60 Minutes of Dream-Setting

What is dream-setting, you might ask? It’s about having the pursuit of a dream in mind, as well as the steps to achieve those goals. Then putting it into action.

Dream-setting activities are usually extracurricular work. It includes engaging in some type of economic activity on the side or spending time to create additional income.

According to a study, about 82 percent of the self-made rich engage in dream-setting endeavors about 60 minutes a day.

60 Minutes of Self-Education and Practice

How often do you try to learn a new skill and devote time to practice to get better at it? Apparently for the self-made rich, they spend about an hour to increase their knowledge, expand their skillset, or otherwise enhance their mental faculties as it relates to their career, trade, or industry.

By maintaining a daily habit for self-education as little as 60 minutes a day, you can maintain and eventually increase your knowledge, making you a virtuoso at what you do.

About 77 percent of the self-made rich devote 60 minutes to this activity.

30 Minutes of Aerobic Exercise

When was the last time you went out for a run or hopped on a bike? Can you remember the last time you had a good workout? As they say, health is wealth. And what better way to maintain good health that to engage in aerobic exercise. Here are the many benefits of this type of physical activity.

  • Aerobic exercises contribute to improved mental functioning. The activity floods the bloodstream with oxygen, which is essential to brain function. With increased blood flow and oxygen to the brain, you get healthier brain cells.
  • An increased oxygen supply and blood flow contributes to strengthening the heart and blood vessels. Did you know regular exercise can lower the risk of many chronic conditions? These include cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and blood sugar and cholesterol problems.
  • Aerobic exercises are also known to reduce stress. Too much stress can be bad for our healthy, which especially takes its toll on our immune system. Ultimately it reduces our risk of getting ill.
  • Getting a good sweat can make us feel happy. A good aerobic workout sends us into an overall feeling of well-being because it triggers the release of endorphins into our system. Endorphins are known as the “happy hormones” because, well, it makes us feel happier.

About 95 percent of the self-made rich understands this. They know they can’t make money or continue with their work, trade, or business if they’re on a hospital bed. To create more wealth means to nurture health.

30 Minutes of Building Good Relationships

Money isn’t everything. About 89 percent of the self-made rich understand the value of having good, powerful relationships with people. This activity may be as simple as giving a birthday greeting to a friend or participating in community events.

But the most important activity of them all is . . .

60 Minutes of Relaxation and Leisurely Activities

Even self-made rich people aren’t robots. They take the time to relax and enjoy quiet moments. It’s during these downtime moments that they regroup their thoughts and prepare for another day of hustle and bustle.

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